Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Street Life

Watching the news.  With each channel I turn it to, there seems to be every kind of life going on.  In a lot of places, there are people passionate and emotional about something.

Walking once again the streets
where so much life exists.
Arms extended in the air,
some containing fist!
Most are raised in adoration,
others--to rebel;
whatever be the reason, there be
something to compel.

The streets--containing so much life,
from every station they;
and instantly be they drawn to
the Truth, the Life, the Way.
There be travelers...revelers...
junkies...pimp and whore...
too, there be ones that follow Him,
but not one loves He more!

While we are out there on the streets

we must keep reaching out.
Separating ourselves is NOT
what it is all about!
Too many are the people who are
doing that already.
We've got to love each other with
examples real and steady.

What are the streets like where you are?  I guarantee those streets need loving examples of Jesus and His touch, every one of them!


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