Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Show me those words

In solitude with Jesus.  Conversing, worshipping, fellowshipping all at once with Father, Son and Spirit all in One!  Predictably, surprisingly and always generously, He tells me to grab my pen...

"Show me words but yet again
that glorify You, Lord.
I write of Your creation or
the ways that You've restored.
I make lines rhyme that tell about
Your love and all Your ways...
I avail my pen and You
cause something that brings praise!

But show me once again as I
pick up the writing slate.
I want to make sure it is You
that I communicate!
For You are worthy of all words
coming from the heart.
You are Father, You are God,
o help me to impart!
O show me words in lines and verses
that would edify;
even to draw men to You
in ways that unify!
What a thought most glorious:
men from every walk
praising and adoring You!
O, let it be more than 'talk!'"

Faithful Jesus.
Yes, faithful is He to fill in a blank sheet and cause it to lift, bless, glorify, draw, unify, confirm, affirm, convict...whatever He needs those words to do!
What a mighty God I serve!

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