Friday, April 21, 2017

Quality Time

Late in the afternoon.  Day is done?  I won't know until I sit down and talk with Him.  His assurance is always there...

In The Presence finally?

Or in the Presence still?
In His Presence CONSTANTLY!
The same, it is His will!
Even as I do the tasks
assigned to me all day,
I know that He accompanies
upon the Narrow Way!

And now that I'm away from "work"
and "rest," it is upon,
I gaze across the grand creation
'fore the light is gone;
taking it so deep inside
that praise is generated!
Praise unto Creator God
Who's ever celebrated!

So much has been accomplished.
He has so much in store.
Sometimes, it's little and I cry
"God, we have time for more!"
He says "Not yet.  We have accomplished
what had to be done.
Rest.  Enjoy creation and
come fellowship, My son!"

He is a mighty God!  He has much work for us to do.  Greater, He is a loving God and cares about us, insisting that we get proper rest and ample, quality time with Him.

His mercy endures forever!

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