Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pressing On

Centuries ago…a well-beaten path through a desolate place…a small group of men arduously forge ahead.
One of those men, a very special One, ponders…

“Pressing on, I walk ahead,
continuing My way;
looking unto what’s in store
for this, a brand new day;
wondering who I can help
or lift or edify…
still one step ahead of those
who seek to make Me die.
Many people have I touched
as I have sojourned here;
and I have offended some—
that fact is VERY clear!
But I can’t let somebody’s “feelings”
hinder what I do.
I must do what must be done,
and they must do theirs, too.
Everywhere I go there is
someone who seeks My death.
I came unto this dying world
to give them living breath.
It seems, the very ones that are
supposed to give this life,
the very same they are that cause Me
all this grief and strife!
I know, though, how all this will end,
what victory I will see!
They’d know, too, if they were all
that they profess to be!
But they are of the evil one,
they cannot understand;
so I’ll keep pressing on until
all things are in My hand.”

Mere days and hours before He goes through a wretched, horrific process that will torture Him and save the world…and He is still thinking of how to help.
That’s the Jesus I love.


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