Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Paradise Promise!

Promises...promises...so many promises...
But when God makes a promise, it comes to pass.  In HIS time...which no man understands!

Thoughts of Paradise arise
as I'm with Him in prayer.
There will be nothing negative
when, finally, we're there!
I'll know my brother as a friend,
no doubts about his heart;
it will be pure, because in Christ,
we each will have a part!

Thoughts of Paradise abound
as I spend time with Him!
In conversation gives He glimpses
'yond the Glory Shim!
Others speak about the mansion
they've awaiting there,
but I just want to see my Jesus,
time with Him to share!

Thoughts of Paradise propel
through all that is this life!
They remind that temporary
is the grief and strife!
And eternal our reward
as we press on ahead!
Blessed thoughts of Paradise-
all Holy Spirit led!

Yes, those living Promises!  They are STILL alive and He is well aware of every one of them!  Don't give up!
Though it's painful...DON'T GIVE UP!
It seems hopeless...DON'T GIVE UP!
I can't see a solution...DON'T GIVE UP!
Heaven is alive and will surely be worth it all!

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