Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Out the window

Finally making time away from everything else to be with only Jesus.  Such time is always rewarding, and this time is no different.  As I look out the window, He shows me...

Out the window Spring is playing

with all things alive!
The birds of many kind rejoice
with it to arrive!
God receives our adoration
and our thanks, as well;
singing songs with outstretched arms
this season to compel!

Out the window, many colors
gradually appear.
We praise His Name for each of them-
Creator we revere!
So generous is God Most High
to share with us so much
that only He could manufacture-
all contains His touch!

Out the window--take me out there,
I would be with Him!
My arms raised and my voice in tune,
to harmonize with them!
He is holy...He is worthy,
He makes everything,
especially the life anew
we call the time of "Spring!"

Out the window...don't let that stop you!  Get out there and savor the glory of creation while it is so visible!  Don't let anything in this life hinder you from setting everything aside for a few moments and noticing life anew all around you!  It is there, I promise you!

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