Friday, April 28, 2017

My Father's Voice

My Father's voice is very clear
as I walk down the beach.
While listening to every wave
there's so much He would teach.
I love to see, to hear, to feel
the lessons, by Him, taught!
So deep is the simplicity
that it requires thought!

My Father's voice.  I know it well.
I recognize its sound.
I follow it upon the sea
and I shan't run aground!
A compass and a stabilizer
everywhere at all;
a help so present anytime--
His Name I only call!

My Father's voice.  So beautiful.
So honest and so real.
(He speaks even unto those things
I rather would conceal.)
He does so cause He loves me and
He seeks my very best.
I hear so clear my Father's voice--
I am so very blessed!

I so often hear
"I never hear His voice.  How come I never hear His voice..." 
"How come you hear from Him so much?  Are you holier than me?"
To you I say "When was the last time you put your phone down...turn all the music down...shut off the TV...stepped away from the computer to a place where there is only you and God?"
Try that.  Then just listen.
His voice awaits.

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