Thursday, April 20, 2017

More "good"

Continuing with promoting GOOD, may it be possible to focus for one day on edifying one another.  Not just those we like, but finding something good in everyone and pointing it out.
It's possible.

Those things so pure and noble
are present in each man.
A bigger man will point them out-
in Jesus Christ he can!
To compliment and edify,
(with purity within,)
how much better would life be?
How many more would win?

That so very noble...
those things so very pure...
those things that are of good report-
in them shall we endure!
If only every appetite
would crave such proper things,
we would reap the benefits
that such living brings!

Rebuke the poet dreamer?
Already done by some!
But I KNOW it is possible
and someday it will come!
Do your best until that day
to bless the folks you can,
giving glory to The Lord-
Him Who has The Plan!

It starts one day at a time, one person at a time.  Bless them in the Name of Jesus and it will snowball!  Try it!

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