Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Love's labor

True love.  It takes work.  Them that argue with said words are yet so young or so new to it that they've not discovered it yet.  It's a very wonderful thing, but not always beautiful!

True rewarding
when done as it should be.
Not always are the fireworks
that we, too often, see;
love--for it takes effort--
it's a struggle on some days.
How many are the strong enough
to still recite true praise?

But love, true love is strong enough
to sing that happy song
regardless of a handicap...
regardless what goes wrong...
regardless of an injury
to one or to the other,
true love remains that tri-fold cord
that guards against "another."

Yes, love--it's so rewarding
when life is invested.
When God remains The Source of it
it cannot be arrested!
"For better or for worse..." how many
understand said vow?
How many strong enough to keep
the hand upon the plow?

May you be in love long enough to discover the labors involved...and be victorious!

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