Monday, April 10, 2017

Last Thing

Before the covers part,
a tug I feel in heart.
It's calling me outside
what glory--eventide!
In moments minus noise
the heavenlies all poise
their brightest to present
as if it were a tent!
The Silence then to break
as 'noises' I would make
unto Creator God--
His Presence has me awed!
Each planet and each star--
though o so very far--
they be reflecting light,
causing great delight!
And causing worship true
to the Creator Who
hung them so long ago!
(And God alone to know!)
Adoration real--
Much more than you can 'feel;'
but something much more deep
this evening will I keep.

Drawn to the back yard by Him Who made a canopy of lights and hung them for me to see?  Or Him Who made a universe of lights and hung us in the middle of it?  Too deep to ponder at this hour.  I simply thank Him for it and lie down in awe.

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