Thursday, April 13, 2017

Labels and dreams

Watching the morning news.  So much going on "in the world."  Everybody seems to want their own way...nobody wants to work together...  Some don't want to work at all for it. 
Is the church in America any different?

Do I need protection?
Do I push for rights?
Because I look the way I do
I seem to foster fights.
I dream about the things you have;
America--so great!
I work so hard, just like you do,
but I run into hate.
Will ever you come near me?
Will you even try?
You talk about the love of Christ--
I can't identify.
Just because I'm different,
and my beliefs may be off,
you treat me like an infidel,
look down at me and scoff!

Why can we not get closer?
Together, we can walk!
Perhaps upon that street we even
might make time to talk.
Each of us are in God's image,
by Him we are made.
We should be able to reside,
and each be unafraid.

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