Friday, April 7, 2017


So many wonders God has hidden for us to find in this life.  If you question that, just think of all the gems we have unearthed as we've studied His Word!
He uses an example of this in Matthew 13:45, 46.
Here is how the poet reads it:

Taken in, a grain of sand
to nourish and protect;
receiving there care unmatched,
its fullness to perfect.
Years and years of cultivating
'til that final day.
When the Merchant comes to call
what is He going to say?

But with the Master Craftsman

a jewel it shall be!
Crafting past the outer shell
into the treasury;
peeling off impurities,
polishing away;
then, a new creation!
A thing for which to pay!

Oh, the Master Craftsman and

the beauty He creates
out of an unsightly thing
that one excavates!
Oh, see the allegory drawn
and be ye glad, rejoice
that He has taken dust as we
and made such jewels choice!

Each of us are His jewels.  Some of the crafting may be painful, but He only does it because He loves us and desires the best for us.


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