Monday, April 3, 2017

I'd rather have...

This life affords us many things.  Some of those things can become distractions, things that are so wonderful that they take our eyes off of what really matters.

I'd rather have wet sod for a bed...
a stone, the pillow for my head...
my canopy, the open sky
than a palace without God Most High!

I'd rather dine on shifting dust
with fork corrupted so by rust
'mongst common things of such a place
than a banquet less the Lord of Grace!

I'd rather drink the water of gall
and, through the barren wasteland, crawl;
such as this to raise as toast
than the finest wine without the Holy Ghost!

"So many things are afforded me,
but I choose what I have in Thee!"
Satisfaction nowhere else at all
than in Him to Whom I humbly fall!

I know a lot of people in many stations in this life and they are miserable.  They refuse to even acknowledge that there is a God...much less a God Who loves them!  Your station matters not, it's Who you believe in.  Jesus loves you no matter who you are.
But Who is Jesus to you?

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