Sunday, April 2, 2017

He sees in me

Sometimes, one of the most grueling sights and deeds is introspection.  Perhaps this is why so many avoid it.  The best way to do it, though, is with Jesus by your side.  He will affirm to you that which matters and what to let go of.

He sees the thoughts I have inside.
The ones that I, from others, hide.
He knows how I judge who I see;
(though it's exclusive unto me.)
And yet, He ceases not to talk
with me in my daily walk.
Tell me, how could He stoop this low,
a scoundrel, such as I, to know?

There is no other One so great.
All wonders, from Him, emanate!
And I?  None other is as low.
A snake's more glory to bestow!
And yet, in Jesus, we are one!
He looks at me and calls me "son!"
A grander love?  A fuller grace?
'Tis nowhere in this temporal place!

He looked at me through Jesus' eyes.
My stature could He realize.
He sees in me what I cannot
and He accepts all I have got!
All I have got is service, love,
and what He sends me from above.
Though all I've got, 'tis all I need
to live for Him; His will to heed!

Grace.  God's gift of Jesus Christ, and Jesus' gift of grace.  Even when we look at ourselves and behold the wretch that we often are, God sees us through a perfect Jesus and continues to embrace us.
We are so blessed!

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