Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter anew!

Early in the morning.  Going to check on the tomb.  What?  How can it be?  THE STONE IS ROLLED AWAY!!

Easter--it is newness--it is
resurrected living!
It is God the Father in
the ultimate of Giving!
It is more, far more than just
a holiday in spring;
Easter--it is Christ alive'
and conquering death's sting!

More than just a gathering,
enjoying a good meal,
Easter--it is life again--
another to reveal
After all the suffering
Jesus did endure,
He conquered death, He rose again,
and He's alive for sure!

Much deeper than a day off work,
far more than 'holiday,'
Easter is a way of Life
We celebrate Him on this morning
giving Him all praise,
singing of His life alive
inside us all our days!

Jesus is alive and well and moving in us and around us throughout our days.  Don't forget to acknowledge Him, be grateful to and for Him, and include Him in your days.  He's already there.  Don't ignore Him!


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