Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dangerous Attraction

The quiet, gentle breeze this early morning...not any more!

The whisper that was earlier
is now an able breeze,
even for to have its way
with the hardy trees!
No living thing enjoys the still
that started this fair day;
in the sky does it appear
a storm will have its way.

The whisper is a memory
now in the afternoon.
We pray and trust in God's protection
from the storm come soon.
Upon the just and unjust might
the wrath of nature be.
I know the Maker of the storm,
and He's with such as we!

The Maker of the storm...
the glory clouds that form...
the lightning and the roar...
the sprinkles and the pour!
Behold creation's hand
in sky and on the land!
In God Almighty trust--
His hand is not discussed!

Again the storm approaches.  I have been in storms that have been merely a shower or two.  I have been in storms that have cleared the landscape like a razor!  Though the latter is extremely painful, I have seen Him use it for His purposes and change lives.
For some strange reason, storms have always fascinated me.  No, I am NOT a storm chaser, but I am quite inspired by them. 
What's wrong with me?!

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