Sunday, April 9, 2017


No matter who we are or what we've done, God continues to display Himself and His creation to each of us.
The clouds today are here and there, but they look down on the glory of His creation and the works of His hands...

To have the vision of a cloud--

perspective all awry!
Could I behold reality
just floating through the sky?
Surely see His handiwork,
creation's very best,
but of what good if only I,
of glory, may attest?

With my head up in the clouds
what good would this man be?
Too high to help my brother man
when his trial I should see...
too far away to touch his hand
when he is reaching out...
I am not sure that "elevation"
is what it's all about.

To have the vision of the cloud

I wouldn't get much done.
I'd rather have the sight of God
and labor for His Son.
For I would have a vision
beneficial unto all,
far beyond a living sight,
at His beck and call!

I could spend the rest of this earthly life travelling and beholding the glory of His creation.  I could spend all day looking at the works of His hands that others have captured in photographs.  It does my heart wonders....but what does that do for my brother who is lost or hurting?  I'm not knocking His splendor and His handiwork, there's NOTHING more incredible!  But if that's all I'm living to do,
I might as well have my head in the clouds...

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