Saturday, April 8, 2017

Adjusting the speed

The speed of life.  I've mentioned it before.  The more I talk about it, the harder it seems to be getting to adjust.  I've got to do something.  Oh, for just one day with no electronics...just a pad, pen and my Bible.

In the wilderness again;

this time, on purpose though.
Away from what I know of life
for more of God to know.
No appointments...not a meeting...
not even calls to make...
far away from 'schedule-'
oh, what a precious break!

As foreign as this concept sounds

it's something we must do!
So busy be the business
that takes so much from you!
BUT GOD, He has a blest escape
available to all;
to find it, from the depths within,
the Name of Jesus call!

The speed of life.  Jesus knows all about it, so He knows exactly what to do when you call His Name!

Don't let anything stop you!

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