Saturday, March 11, 2017

Weekend start

Up before anyone else.
Coffee in hand as I go to my desk and listen.  I KNOW that God has something to say...

This morning and the peace of it;

so far, so very still...
Good morning and the peace of God
according to His will!
"Good morning.  And the day will be good!"
so my declaration!
Good morning--time with God the Father--
what a celebration!

Usually now to describe
the valley and the hills...
how the sunrise hits the river,
and the wildlife thrills...
but not today, it is so foggy
every window proves!
The vapor n the air--it is
the only thing that moves!

But Father God, He moves with me
but all around this place!
And I partake so freely of
His goodness and His grace!
He is so very generous
in Presence and in peace;
and He assures me that the fog
eventually will release.

Saturday morning in the fog.  So much to do today, (not to mention my "honey-do" list,)but none of it takes precedence over His Presence and our morning meeting!

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