Monday, March 13, 2017

Treasure of Him

Jesus.  What can I say about Him...

A Friend that is there when
there's nobody else,
that's what the Lord is to me;
the One Who comes to me
on turbulent days
making sure that I can see;
the One Who accepts me
when no one else will,
He's there with His arms open wide!
Oh, did I mention
the same is The One
Who, for all my trespasses, died?

Jesus is Him Who is
all this to me.
I love Him with all of my heart!
I've been to the fountain
of His precious Blood,
thus, in His life, I've a part.
And too, an inheritance
as I'm in Him:
a place in that Heaven so fair!
I'm watchful daily,
that land to ascend;
there to stake claim in my share!

Our treasure in Jesus.  What are words compared to Him?  What are words compared to His reward?!  They are but the talent He gave me to remind others of His glory and return to Him the same.
What has He given you?  Are you using it for His glory?

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