Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Hope

I wrote yesterday about the wonder and splendor of the coast.  I wrote from memory because I used to live near it.
Today's words, however, are also written from memory, because they live in my heart.  I see them every time I read Romans 8:18-25.

All of the sufferings of this present time
are nil to the glory as, upward, I climb!
Unworthy to be in comparison they
with what is awaiting me, oh, on that day!

For all of creation's awaiting to see
the veil removed and the glories that be!
Thus far, to futility, we are subject,
but glorious freedom soon we expect!

For creation, it groans and it labors 'til now.
We too, for adoption He's soon to allow
when this dying temple dons that incorrupt,
and we are made like Him with Whom we have supped!

O come nigh the hope unto which we so cleave;
that hope that is not for the mind to perceive...
that hope that is deep in the heart to reside...
transport Us to where We shall ever abide!

I see the words in the Bible.  Since the Bible is a living Being, these verses so come alive and fill me with LIVING expectation!  O what memories!!

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