Monday, March 6, 2017

The Coming Storm

Late in the day.
I've listened to folks talk about the storm all day long.  Now, almost evening, we are seeing evidences of it....

As the breezes rise in volume

late in afternoon,
we are aware of the storms
due here very soon!
I try to get a message out
to bless someone, somehow;
a message of His tender love,
(and that love even now!)

I know that He is right here as
the storm begins to rise...
I know that He is right here when
we cannot see the skies...
I know that He is right there in
the damage that may be...
I know that it is only by Him
we will clearly see!

In the early of the storm
that may or may not be,
His peace and His assurance is
available and free!
Whatever happens in the storm
He will not leave our side,
and in His great protection
each of us may sure abide!

Rest in Jesus.
Cling to Jesus!
Know that it is His voice that calms the storms of life, and He is only a breath away!

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