Friday, March 24, 2017

Morning afternoon!

Ahhh...a moment to rest!
Morning started early.  Quite a bit accomplished.  Now, as afternoon seems to be deteriorating, I have a few moments to spend with Jesus.  JUST Him and I...

Wonderful moments with Jesus-
genuine, transparent, real.
He knows what the day has done to us,
He knows, without doubt, how we feel!
And He knows we're in need of His visit,
(though He has been here all along;)
as we focus on His great Presence,
so deep does there generate song!

Wonderful music with Jesus-
like not anywhere else obtained!
That wonderful melody inward
by naught, of this life, be constrained!
He knows us like not any other,
so He is aware of each need!
My Lord and that time spent together-
none other pursuit may exceed!

Jesus and that precious time spent with Him.  You've heard about it from me before because it is so vital for our daily survival!  Don't miss out on it!  It is likely the most valuable time of the day!

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