Tuesday, March 7, 2017

So Alive!

Activities happening like we cannot imagine...
Life itself above and beyond the best that we can fathom...
The best part of all?  It's waiting for us!  All of us who claim Jesus as our Savior!

So much more than sitting on
a cloud with harp in hand;
Paradise is going on
there in celestial land!
Have you ever really pondered
what it will be there?
I know it will be greater than
we have seen anywhere!
And more than we could ever fathom
with our human mind,
it will become more real to us
when we leave earth behind!
Another place has been prepared
that we can't understand!
Time will, too, be foreign and
He has it all in hand!
No more applications...no more
paperwork to be...
no more waiting for a refill...
no more doctors to see...
not even to enjoy the "time,"
for time shall be no more!
Only life to savor there
beyond that Golden Shore!

And in the Presence of the One

Who purchased Paradise,
and Him Who spoke it into being-
O so grateful, aye, this writer
that God called my name!
Won't You be born-again, my friend
so you can have the same?

All of this going on while you and I go about the day.  Without notice?  Hardly!  For my heart calls out for His return daily so that we can be in that Perfect Place.

Go with me, won't you?

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