Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sleeping in...

Ahhh...Saturday morning...time to sleep in from a very busy week.  WHAT IS THAT NOISE AND WHERE IS IT COMING FROM?!
Awakened by the woodpecker
at work across the way..
So different yet so familiar
on this Saturday.
Looking forward to the
opportunity of sleeping in,
but listening to God's creation's
labors to begin!
I cannot locate his location,
I can only hear.
Somewhere in the forest vast
there is a pioneer
carving out a dwelling place
for his family;
he's nearer than I think he is
according to the tree!
A labor that's as old as time--
it happens early on;
I savor it this Saturday,
lest, soon, it will be gone!
I savor it with God Most High,
creator of that bird
while I listen to the wisdom
of His daily word.
In the early conversation with God.  So much life occurring as we meet!  So much beauty happening in so many places as we fellowship!  That which I think distracting actually becomes soothing as God and I recline and behold the morning as it develops.

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