Wednesday, March 22, 2017


For some of us, it is a chore.  For those of us, it is also a sweet reward!
To those who still have full cognitive ability, those statements probably make no sense at all.  Enjoy it!
Because of the way my brain now functions, one of the worst forms of torture can be the statement "Hey Buzz, do you remember when we __________________________?"  (The same statement can also be a source of great entertainment!)
But in spite of my gift of forgetfulness, I still have some wonderful memories.  And when I thank God for them, He reminds me that there are more to come, and endless ones yet to be made with Him!

Today, so many things, they were accomplished.
I spoke with folks I'd never met before.
Half of them I may not ever see again;
the other half, they will be back for more!
I want to be a blessing unto ALL of them--
you never what touches him or her.
Each of them have but one thing in common:
it is a touch they need, that is for sure!

How many of them will this man remember?
How many of them will remember me?
When they look back upon the day that they had
may they see Jesus if they think of me!

Remembering.  All of us will remember something about today.  We will remember some of the people.  Some of the people will remember us.  May we each make an effort to put a smile on someone's heart as they reflect on their brief contact with us.

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