Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pen and Page

Once more with pen in hand.
Drawn into God's Presence by His Holy Spirit.
Here to receive a message for me, someone else or even all of us.
Being used for HIS glory, not my own!
Captured this time by the pictures of Paradise captured in His Word, and being drawn so to them that I would cry out "EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"

As Scriptures fill this holy place,
rolling off his tongue with grace,
visions come to life and light-
Heaven--oh what great delight!!
With every verse and afterthought,

the trials that we fight and fought
much smaller and much smaller be
until His face is all we see!

"O soon and very soon," it said,
life, as we know it, will be dead
and perfect life will be alive
as we, in Paradise, arrive!
There, to greet us, Christ our Lord
and all the loved ones we've adored!
Together we will worship Christ--
the One, Himself, that sacrificed!

No more suffering, no more pain,
no more trials life to stain,
only living in His reign!
Only that which He calls "good"
fills each celestial neighborhood!
Of course, the greatest gift to be
to walk beside Christ constantly!

All gleaned from words that fill this place.
Drawn from His Book, giv'n by grace!
Kept alive through years and years
through blood, through sweat, through many tears,
and through His Will--not e'er to fail!
His Word alive--what life avail!
And living even to the end!
O take each word to heart, my friend!

O what wonder He makes to flow through a humble pen in a yielded hand! (Or is that a MIGHTY pen?) Words recounting words that apply to each and every person, whether you like it or not.

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