Friday, March 10, 2017

Our Due

So rife are the truths in God's Word!  There are times when I can be reading it and God will stop me and show me some verses.  Upon further contemplation, He shows me how they rhyme!
Take a look at Isaiah 62:11,12:

"Oh hear!  Indeed, the Lord proclaims
unto the ends of earth,
unto Zion' daughter, unto
you of stellar worth,
your salvation, it is coming,
so is your reward!
Encompassed so in only One:

His recompense before Him as
He calls His holy throng;
gathering unto Him those
in whom there is no wrong!
'Holy People' they'll be called,
Redeemed of the Lord.
A dignity so fitting, once again
shall be restored!"

Yea, salvation cometh in
the form of lowly man.
So common is the form of Him
with mankind's only Plan!
Bow your will unto Him, as
He bowed but everything;
then shall be placed, so deep within,
a song fore'er to sing!

Yes, desire and crave that Song alive!  It can only be placed in your heart by Jesus Himself. 
And look for those living songs in His Word alive as you spend time in it!

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