Friday, March 17, 2017


How difficult is ministry?
Unfortunately, the answer is "As difficult as you make it."

One more busy day.
Home--I'm on my way!
Between here and there
is opportune to share?
"Hey Buzz, I need a ride.
You live on the west side.
You drive right by my place..."
Ministry is grace.

But how much ministry
goes on that we can't "see?"
We are busy all day,
but why come see us they?
This time just coffee cup,
Or something else to sup?
"Buzz, I'm glad you're here!"
Thus do lives endear.

So ministry we "bear?"

"It just happens!" I declare.
The sum we'll never know
until we upward go!
Keep ye a servant's heart
and always be a part
of Jesus Christ alive--
then, surely, we'll arrive!

"Go out of your way to be used by God today?"  No. 

But "Be yourself, available, and watch how often God will use you today!"

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