Thursday, March 2, 2017


These terms have become so important to some of us that we hit the keyboard before we even bow our heads anymore.
There is a better way...

In glorious creation

no man to replicate,
I visit with Almighty God,
no limits--time or date!
I listen to His wisdom,
He listens to my word;
and in the early, early
conversation be occurred.

What HE thinks really matters;
yet man would flatter you.
It's not how many "likes" you have,
for God approves of you!
Not even the responses
from what is done each day
are more important than what God,
about us, has to say!

You are approved in His eyes.
(And you'll know if you're not!)
It is not a contest-
for everyone has got!
O seek to please HIM every day
instead of pleasing man.
You'll be given satisfaction
that only Jesus can!

In our daily quest to improve our portfolios, social media and others, let us not lose sight of Whose favor matters most!

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