Thursday, March 16, 2017


I meet so many people that need reminders of what they have in the Lord.  Easter is approaching.  One of the favorite Easter hymns reminds us that the stone is rolled away and the tomb is empty!  I know too many folks, however, that seem to be 'stuck' on half of that...

"It's empty!  It's empty!!
The stone is rolled away!"
How often must we think on this
for such great truth to sway?
Jesus Christ alive--what does

it take to live each day?
I go to church but twice a week
then I tuck Him away?

"It's empty!  It's empty!"
I cry throughout the week
when I should testify to fullness
that so many seek.
There are so many answers, many
they are alive in Jesus Christ,
and He's providing these!

"It's empty, it's empty....:"
we go on with our song.
If it remains just "seasonal"
we got the whole thing wrong!
We have the fullness of the Lord
if we but take His Word--
the fullness, hope and healing, they are
constantly occurred!!

"It's empty, it's empty..."
we cry about the tomb;
the rest of life has fullness, though,
as we give Jesus room!
His great provision covers all
if we but ask and seek.
The tomb is empty--but it's fullness
is in us unique!

The fullness of Jesus is far greater than the emptiness of the tomb.  Yes, we celebrate Easter and all the life that it is, but don't forget the new life and fullness that Jesus is CONSTANTLY!

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