Saturday, March 4, 2017

Humble me!

If you think for one minute that anything you see or read here is due my own talents or abilities, you are mistaken, my friend.  God gets the glory.  For He has blessed me with those abilities!

"Let not the seeming eloquence
exuded in my voice,
cause me to be, in human sight
amongst my brethren, choice!
Should I seem high and haughty as
I go about my day,
remove the chords, my God, that nothing
else could e'er I say!

In You alone am I at all!
Without You, I am naught.
And You alone are any and all
the glory I have got!
Unto the Cross do I retreat,
beneath it I stand tall;
my liberty abundant thence,
though I be yet a thrall!

Only in the Cross, (and in
the One Who occupied,)
can I, unto qualities,
sufficiently be allied!
Thus do I submit to You
my life but every day
that others would be blessed of You
in what I write and say!"

God's glory and His abilities in me.  His abilities in me.  And His abilities are in you as you submit to Him and His ways.
Give your life to God.  You'll be amazed what He can do with it!

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