Monday, March 20, 2017

His Battle

"The battle belongs to the Lord."

I wrestle not with blood and flesh.
With that unseen, I don't enmesh.
If I could, mine opponent, see,
where, then, would faith and trusting be?
That's why the principalities
opposing just The Father sees.
The powers of the netherworld
they are, about me, ever-hurled;
but, in the shelter of His hand,
the fiery battle I withstand!

What if the veil were lifted high
and what goes on should meet the eye?
Could be handled such a sight?
Would sanity be put to flight?!
Activity but everywhere--
yet shielded I by Perfect Care!
The things so constant to be done
to keep my world, in order, run,
He does so from His throne above;
He does so for a thing called "Love!"

So much happens constantly in the realm of the spirit.  I think that you and I are blessed with the inability to see it because we would probably freak!
God is in control.
God has it all planned.
You and I must only do as He leads and go where He says and He has promised to protect us.
It is going on all around us, but it is HIS battle.

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