Thursday, March 16, 2017

First Things

First thing in the morning
I brew that delicious cup.
I greet my Lord and Master;
together do we sup.
That living conversation
with Him Who is alive.
I know that destination;
for sure will I arrive!

Today--it will be difficult,
but not impossible.
With Jesus at my side all day,
the day is doable.
He saw the day before it was,
yet He is still with me;
thus, I have all confidence
victorious I'll be!

First thing with my Father-
the day is in His hands.
I do what I must do as I
follow His commands.
His commands are doable,
and He does all the rest.
First thing in the morning--
I am so very blessed!

Turn the coffee maker on as I converse with Jesus.  Look out at the morning as He constructs it, knowing it is already complete in His time.  Glorify Him as I sit at the keyboard, knowing HE will write something beautiful.
God is so faithful!  How wonderful to be related to Him!

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