Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Eventide upon the Coast

Early evening, escaping to a place where life is slow...and quite different.  The beach is unusually empty, but life is surely happening before the very eyes...

Eventide upon the coast...

I dwell upon a thought.
For a purpose here I came,
yet not a thing was caught!
Nothing with the rod and reel,
but my attention, though,
has been hooked by this awesome night--
never to let go!

Yet another purpose has

transpired in this place:
fellowship and blessed communion
with my Lord of grace,
and God the Father, Architect
of this majestic coast!
All in the blessing and the Presence
of wondrous Holy Ghost!

The waves a-crashing 'gainst the rocks...

the emanating mist...
the visible horizon where
the stars will soon exist...
the seabird cry upon my ear,
coupled with the waves...
and the hardy air to share
with Him Whose vict'ry saves!

Eventide upon the coast

dwelling on a thought;
yet not a single one as, here
a multitude is wrought!
Yet each of them are of the One
that's sitting next to me.
I savor peace that ne'er will cease
as I enjoy the sea.

Enjoy it with me, won't you? 

God's amazing creation never fails to thrill me.  I've been with people who say "It's only water moving in and out!" and I've been with folks who are without words because they have never seen the ocean before.  I share feelings with the latter, but God supplies me with words!

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