Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Devotion Time

There is a special time each day, sometimes several times each day, when I find that holy place with God and I alone.  How can I describe it...
O, the wondrous glory that
attendeth unto me
as I abase my wretched self
His blessed face to see!
Setting my routine aside
and laying on my face-
how shall I vocalize the "things"
He uses to replace?

O, but of the old routine,
cognizant, I'm not!
Greater, higher wonders here
so occupy my thought!
Overshadowed are my cares
as I so behold
the majesty of Him to ever-
constantly unfold!

O, I never want to leave
this Place beyond compare!
If I do not, however, how
shall I, with others, share?
But later shall it be as, in
the Father's Presence, I'm,
and not a thing shall interfere
with my devotion time!

That holy time each day.  So very fortunate are the ones who have found it in their lives.  It is not hard to find, but it does take effort on your part.  For God will ALWAYS be there.  Will you?  Will WE?

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