Sunday, March 5, 2017


Gazing out the window of
the room where I'm confined.
"Accept and make the best of it!"
to this have I resigned.
The rainclouds are a-gathering-
tonight will not be calm.
I savor, though, the beauty as
I work upon a psalm.

Even here in such a place,
so lonely and so still,
of peace and blue austerity
this servant has his fill:
so far away and looming proud,
majestically to stand,
several Rocky Mountain peaks
punctuate the land!

"Forbidden and forsaken" do
they call this wretched sand?
"Awesome and magnificent"
I call this selfsame land!
For when it is of God, there's always
good that can be seen,
even in a desertscape-
so quiet and serene!

As far as eye can see, no structures.  Except, of course, the mighty ones that God erected!  I obtain rest in this glorious place.  Rest like no other place may provide!  And when using the proper eyes, everywhere you look is something new!  Enjoy every moment of Creator God's creation.  There is nothing else like it!

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