Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Nearer the Storm

This beautiful morning.
The spectacle of day forming and obeying the course God has set for it.  By sight and sound, I can tell it is going to be a turbulent day!

Only wind to greet me
this morning, early Spring.
As I watch the trees a-dancing
I'll join in and sing!
There is an ever-living song
no matter how life goes;
the words unto that sacred hymn,
somehow, the heart, it knows!

There are verses about the birds

inside that living song...
ones about the gentle breeze
that freely moves along...
verses about Jesus Christ
who makes my heart to sing!
And ones about Creator God-
involved in everything!

Only wind to greet me?

No!  But so much living
as Creator God is here
freely, freely giving!
The clouds may be a canopy
but they do not prevent
the celebration of this life
and how the day is spent!

There is a storm on the horizon.  You can see it from the deck.  The awe and splendor of it is so evident this morning as I have coffee with God.  Pretty soon, I know that it will be heard, as well.  It is still amazing!


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