Wednesday, March 1, 2017


But God, I don't agree with what they think!
But God, I don't agree with his church!
But God, I don't agree with what she's doing!
But God, I didn't know those kind of people were here!
"Love them anyway!"

How many are the tempers lost
in simple conversation...
How much pain remains because
of something in relation...
How much growing is yet stunted
by what is not let go...
How simple are the answers all?
To Jesus must we go!
For in His mercy do we find
what is not in ourselves.
His conviction, to our deepest
depths, so freely delves.
He addresses even those things
we would rather not,
and teaches us to rid ourselves
of every hindering blot!

All in Jesus.  Everything
we need to get along.
There CAN BE give-and-take to keep us
singing the same song!
For He will stabilize us if
we only put Him first
and step beyond "legalities"
that ever we've rehearsed!

Let us be firm in our faith.  But let us make sure that said faith is in God!  And may we not be so stoic that God Himself can't get us to budge!

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