Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Across the street

Looking across the street...down the door...  We are more alike than what some of us want to admit.

Across the street, somebody else
in need of what I need.
His requirement of God
does not, my own, exceed.
The issues that he has, they are
about the same as mine;
where do we differ, therefore,
when it comes to the Divine?
I know Whom I am worshiping
and where He draws the line.
He enables me to love them--
it's a love divine.
I am compelled to love them and
allow Him do the rest.
For many of the residents
it is the hardest test!
"It is so very difficult
'cause, first, he needs a friend."
It is not difficult at all--
Make pride come to an end!
Reach out!  Say "Hi!"
give them a friendly wave!
"Ye people, up and down the street,
give life and Christ will save!"

Across the street.  There's that one from another country...that one from another church...that one from another persuasion...that one _____________...but God loves every one of us!
At the same time, are they looking across at my house and saying "Hey, there's that guy that's always friendly and tells me 'Blessings on you!'?"   "How come he always seems friendly and happy?"

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