Friday, March 31, 2017

Maker's Morning!

Morning with my Maker-
He is Life and He's alive!
So early that light has not quite made it-
that light so alive!
One by one, the million stars

begin to disappear.
Morning--very early,
and o so very clear!

Morning once more in a place
desired by so few.
Behind the glass, day comes to be
while disappears the dew.
We discuss the issues as
I lift them up in prayer.
We listen to each other--
the epitome of "care!"

Wherever I go, I am never alone.  These words came in a hospital waiting room that had a wonderful view.  The reason I was there was not very wonderful, but God was with my closest friend in surgery, all while creating a glorious new day right before our eyes!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Devotion Time

There is a special time each day, sometimes several times each day, when I find that holy place with God and I alone.  How can I describe it...
O, the wondrous glory that
attendeth unto me
as I abase my wretched self
His blessed face to see!
Setting my routine aside
and laying on my face-
how shall I vocalize the "things"
He uses to replace?

O, but of the old routine,
cognizant, I'm not!
Greater, higher wonders here
so occupy my thought!
Overshadowed are my cares
as I so behold
the majesty of Him to ever-
constantly unfold!

O, I never want to leave
this Place beyond compare!
If I do not, however, how
shall I, with others, share?
But later shall it be as, in
the Father's Presence, I'm,
and not a thing shall interfere
with my devotion time!

That holy time each day.  So very fortunate are the ones who have found it in their lives.  It is not hard to find, but it does take effort on your part.  For God will ALWAYS be there.  Will you?  Will WE?

Nearer the Storm

This beautiful morning.
The spectacle of day forming and obeying the course God has set for it.  By sight and sound, I can tell it is going to be a turbulent day!

Only wind to greet me
this morning, early Spring.
As I watch the trees a-dancing
I'll join in and sing!
There is an ever-living song
no matter how life goes;
the words unto that sacred hymn,
somehow, the heart, it knows!

There are verses about the birds

inside that living song...
ones about the gentle breeze
that freely moves along...
verses about Jesus Christ
who makes my heart to sing!
And ones about Creator God-
involved in everything!

Only wind to greet me?

No!  But so much living
as Creator God is here
freely, freely giving!
The clouds may be a canopy
but they do not prevent
the celebration of this life
and how the day is spent!

There is a storm on the horizon.  You can see it from the deck.  The awe and splendor of it is so evident this morning as I have coffee with God.  Pretty soon, I know that it will be heard, as well.  It is still amazing!


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pen and Page

Once more with pen in hand.
Drawn into God's Presence by His Holy Spirit.
Here to receive a message for me, someone else or even all of us.
Being used for HIS glory, not my own!
Captured this time by the pictures of Paradise captured in His Word, and being drawn so to them that I would cry out "EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"

As Scriptures fill this holy place,
rolling off his tongue with grace,
visions come to life and light-
Heaven--oh what great delight!!
With every verse and afterthought,

the trials that we fight and fought
much smaller and much smaller be
until His face is all we see!

"O soon and very soon," it said,
life, as we know it, will be dead
and perfect life will be alive
as we, in Paradise, arrive!
There, to greet us, Christ our Lord
and all the loved ones we've adored!
Together we will worship Christ--
the One, Himself, that sacrificed!

No more suffering, no more pain,
no more trials life to stain,
only living in His reign!
Only that which He calls "good"
fills each celestial neighborhood!
Of course, the greatest gift to be
to walk beside Christ constantly!

All gleaned from words that fill this place.
Drawn from His Book, giv'n by grace!
Kept alive through years and years
through blood, through sweat, through many tears,
and through His Will--not e'er to fail!
His Word alive--what life avail!
And living even to the end!
O take each word to heart, my friend!

O what wonder He makes to flow through a humble pen in a yielded hand! (Or is that a MIGHTY pen?) Words recounting words that apply to each and every person, whether you like it or not.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Morning afternoon!

Ahhh...a moment to rest!
Morning started early.  Quite a bit accomplished.  Now, as afternoon seems to be deteriorating, I have a few moments to spend with Jesus.  JUST Him and I...

Wonderful moments with Jesus-
genuine, transparent, real.
He knows what the day has done to us,
He knows, without doubt, how we feel!
And He knows we're in need of His visit,
(though He has been here all along;)
as we focus on His great Presence,
so deep does there generate song!

Wonderful music with Jesus-
like not anywhere else obtained!
That wonderful melody inward
by naught, of this life, be constrained!
He knows us like not any other,
so He is aware of each need!
My Lord and that time spent together-
none other pursuit may exceed!

Jesus and that precious time spent with Him.  You've heard about it from me before because it is so vital for our daily survival!  Don't miss out on it!  It is likely the most valuable time of the day!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Distract Me!

Spiritual warfare!  That is really the only way to classify all of the "activities" in this life that hinder me/us from spending time with God.  Even "good" things can be bad if they are preventing me from that private time with Father God.  And in this day and age, there is plenty of "good" that is attempting to do that! 

"Distract this man from that which would
distract this man from You...
Turn away mine eyes from what
is lustful in Your view...
Not again to be enticed
by Satan and his ways...
See that I adhere to this, Lord,
all throughout my days!
Revive me, rather, in Your ways,
establish deep Your Word...
make me to know those things more lovely
than I've ever heard!
Devoted unto You am I!
You, alone, I fear!
Thus, only unto pleasing YOU
let this man persevere!
Oh Lord, You've taken my reproach;
Your judgments, they are good!
For Your judgments do I long,
not those of stone or wood!
Revive me in Your righteousness,
restore me by Your grace
in my daily quest, oh Lord,
to see Your blessed face!"

I just merely outlined what The Psalmist wrote in 119:37-40. 
The enemy is so crafty.  He knows that if he can get us busy enough, even with doing "good," he can keep us from fellowship with Jesus Christ.  DON'T LET HIM!!  Always seek God's balance in your day, and you will SOMEHOW accomplish more than "just filling it with good."

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


For some of us, it is a chore.  For those of us, it is also a sweet reward!
To those who still have full cognitive ability, those statements probably make no sense at all.  Enjoy it!
Because of the way my brain now functions, one of the worst forms of torture can be the statement "Hey Buzz, do you remember when we __________________________?"  (The same statement can also be a source of great entertainment!)
But in spite of my gift of forgetfulness, I still have some wonderful memories.  And when I thank God for them, He reminds me that there are more to come, and endless ones yet to be made with Him!

Today, so many things, they were accomplished.
I spoke with folks I'd never met before.
Half of them I may not ever see again;
the other half, they will be back for more!
I want to be a blessing unto ALL of them--
you never what touches him or her.
Each of them have but one thing in common:
it is a touch they need, that is for sure!

How many of them will this man remember?
How many of them will remember me?
When they look back upon the day that they had
may they see Jesus if they think of me!

Remembering.  All of us will remember something about today.  We will remember some of the people.  Some of the people will remember us.  May we each make an effort to put a smile on someone's heart as they reflect on their brief contact with us.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Daily Walk

Walking with Jesus in early of day.
He shows me such wonders as we go our way.
If I pay attention to all He would show,
I'd know much more wealth on the way that I go!

Walking with Jesus, enjoying the sights.
The sun on the rise is but one of delights!
The day comes alive with the life of the Lord
and all of the wonders His grace to afford.

Walk with Jesus this morning.  It doesn't have to be far.  Yes, I know we walk with Him all the day as we belong to Him, but make an effort to walk with ONLY Him.  It matters not how far, and it will certainly improve your day!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

His Battle

"The battle belongs to the Lord."

I wrestle not with blood and flesh.
With that unseen, I don't enmesh.
If I could, mine opponent, see,
where, then, would faith and trusting be?
That's why the principalities
opposing just The Father sees.
The powers of the netherworld
they are, about me, ever-hurled;
but, in the shelter of His hand,
the fiery battle I withstand!

What if the veil were lifted high
and what goes on should meet the eye?
Could be handled such a sight?
Would sanity be put to flight?!
Activity but everywhere--
yet shielded I by Perfect Care!
The things so constant to be done
to keep my world, in order, run,
He does so from His throne above;
He does so for a thing called "Love!"

So much happens constantly in the realm of the spirit.  I think that you and I are blessed with the inability to see it because we would probably freak!
God is in control.
God has it all planned.
You and I must only do as He leads and go where He says and He has promised to protect us.
It is going on all around us, but it is HIS battle.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sleeping in...

Ahhh...Saturday morning...time to sleep in from a very busy week.  WHAT IS THAT NOISE AND WHERE IS IT COMING FROM?!
Awakened by the woodpecker
at work across the way..
So different yet so familiar
on this Saturday.
Looking forward to the
opportunity of sleeping in,
but listening to God's creation's
labors to begin!
I cannot locate his location,
I can only hear.
Somewhere in the forest vast
there is a pioneer
carving out a dwelling place
for his family;
he's nearer than I think he is
according to the tree!
A labor that's as old as time--
it happens early on;
I savor it this Saturday,
lest, soon, it will be gone!
I savor it with God Most High,
creator of that bird
while I listen to the wisdom
of His daily word.
In the early conversation with God.  So much life occurring as we meet!  So much beauty happening in so many places as we fellowship!  That which I think distracting actually becomes soothing as God and I recline and behold the morning as it develops.

Friday, March 17, 2017


How difficult is ministry?
Unfortunately, the answer is "As difficult as you make it."

One more busy day.
Home--I'm on my way!
Between here and there
is opportune to share?
"Hey Buzz, I need a ride.
You live on the west side.
You drive right by my place..."
Ministry is grace.

But how much ministry
goes on that we can't "see?"
We are busy all day,
but why come see us they?
This time just coffee cup,
Or something else to sup?
"Buzz, I'm glad you're here!"
Thus do lives endear.

So ministry we "bear?"

"It just happens!" I declare.
The sum we'll never know
until we upward go!
Keep ye a servant's heart
and always be a part
of Jesus Christ alive--
then, surely, we'll arrive!

"Go out of your way to be used by God today?"  No. 

But "Be yourself, available, and watch how often God will use you today!"

Thursday, March 16, 2017

First Things

First thing in the morning
I brew that delicious cup.
I greet my Lord and Master;
together do we sup.
That living conversation
with Him Who is alive.
I know that destination;
for sure will I arrive!

Today--it will be difficult,
but not impossible.
With Jesus at my side all day,
the day is doable.
He saw the day before it was,
yet He is still with me;
thus, I have all confidence
victorious I'll be!

First thing with my Father-
the day is in His hands.
I do what I must do as I
follow His commands.
His commands are doable,
and He does all the rest.
First thing in the morning--
I am so very blessed!

Turn the coffee maker on as I converse with Jesus.  Look out at the morning as He constructs it, knowing it is already complete in His time.  Glorify Him as I sit at the keyboard, knowing HE will write something beautiful.
God is so faithful!  How wonderful to be related to Him!


I meet so many people that need reminders of what they have in the Lord.  Easter is approaching.  One of the favorite Easter hymns reminds us that the stone is rolled away and the tomb is empty!  I know too many folks, however, that seem to be 'stuck' on half of that...

"It's empty!  It's empty!!
The stone is rolled away!"
How often must we think on this
for such great truth to sway?
Jesus Christ alive--what does

it take to live each day?
I go to church but twice a week
then I tuck Him away?

"It's empty!  It's empty!"
I cry throughout the week
when I should testify to fullness
that so many seek.
There are so many answers, many
they are alive in Jesus Christ,
and He's providing these!

"It's empty, it's empty....:"
we go on with our song.
If it remains just "seasonal"
we got the whole thing wrong!
We have the fullness of the Lord
if we but take His Word--
the fullness, hope and healing, they are
constantly occurred!!

"It's empty, it's empty..."
we cry about the tomb;
the rest of life has fullness, though,
as we give Jesus room!
His great provision covers all
if we but ask and seek.
The tomb is empty--but it's fullness
is in us unique!

The fullness of Jesus is far greater than the emptiness of the tomb.  Yes, we celebrate Easter and all the life that it is, but don't forget the new life and fullness that Jesus is CONSTANTLY!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Hope

I wrote yesterday about the wonder and splendor of the coast.  I wrote from memory because I used to live near it.
Today's words, however, are also written from memory, because they live in my heart.  I see them every time I read Romans 8:18-25.

All of the sufferings of this present time
are nil to the glory as, upward, I climb!
Unworthy to be in comparison they
with what is awaiting me, oh, on that day!

For all of creation's awaiting to see
the veil removed and the glories that be!
Thus far, to futility, we are subject,
but glorious freedom soon we expect!

For creation, it groans and it labors 'til now.
We too, for adoption He's soon to allow
when this dying temple dons that incorrupt,
and we are made like Him with Whom we have supped!

O come nigh the hope unto which we so cleave;
that hope that is not for the mind to perceive...
that hope that is deep in the heart to reside...
transport Us to where We shall ever abide!

I see the words in the Bible.  Since the Bible is a living Being, these verses so come alive and fill me with LIVING expectation!  O what memories!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Eventide upon the Coast

Early evening, escaping to a place where life is slow...and quite different.  The beach is unusually empty, but life is surely happening before the very eyes...

Eventide upon the coast...

I dwell upon a thought.
For a purpose here I came,
yet not a thing was caught!
Nothing with the rod and reel,
but my attention, though,
has been hooked by this awesome night--
never to let go!

Yet another purpose has

transpired in this place:
fellowship and blessed communion
with my Lord of grace,
and God the Father, Architect
of this majestic coast!
All in the blessing and the Presence
of wondrous Holy Ghost!

The waves a-crashing 'gainst the rocks...

the emanating mist...
the visible horizon where
the stars will soon exist...
the seabird cry upon my ear,
coupled with the waves...
and the hardy air to share
with Him Whose vict'ry saves!

Eventide upon the coast

dwelling on a thought;
yet not a single one as, here
a multitude is wrought!
Yet each of them are of the One
that's sitting next to me.
I savor peace that ne'er will cease
as I enjoy the sea.

Enjoy it with me, won't you? 

God's amazing creation never fails to thrill me.  I've been with people who say "It's only water moving in and out!" and I've been with folks who are without words because they have never seen the ocean before.  I share feelings with the latter, but God supplies me with words!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Treasure of Him

Jesus.  What can I say about Him...

A Friend that is there when
there's nobody else,
that's what the Lord is to me;
the One Who comes to me
on turbulent days
making sure that I can see;
the One Who accepts me
when no one else will,
He's there with His arms open wide!
Oh, did I mention
the same is The One
Who, for all my trespasses, died?

Jesus is Him Who is
all this to me.
I love Him with all of my heart!
I've been to the fountain
of His precious Blood,
thus, in His life, I've a part.
And too, an inheritance
as I'm in Him:
a place in that Heaven so fair!
I'm watchful daily,
that land to ascend;
there to stake claim in my share!

Our treasure in Jesus.  What are words compared to Him?  What are words compared to His reward?!  They are but the talent He gave me to remind others of His glory and return to Him the same.
What has He given you?  Are you using it for His glory?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

How did we get to this place?

"Nearer, o my God to You,
instead of all the things You do...
My focus, Lord, on You to be
and not the things You give to me...
my call to love all kinds of men,
instead of building a worship den...
o stable me, but one time more,
o God, on what You made me for."

"Come over here!  We have the best
in video and sound..."
"No!  Come here!  For we have coffee
that is freshly ground..."
"The governor comes to OUR church!
You ought to hear him speak!"

How did we get to this place
where we compete for souls?
The church to be a comfort zone
where there are few controls?
But take us back into God's house
to seek what pleases HIM!
Praying for His will and not
just moving on a whim.

We are all in this together.  If you are saved and belong to The Church, you are there on Sunday to worship and serve God first and foremost.  Excuse me, we SHOULD be there to worship and serve God first and foremost.  Second, we SHOULD be learning more about Him and how to reach others with His love.  If we are only going to church for a sweet hour of entertainment, we have greatly missed our purpose AND His.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Weekend start

Up before anyone else.
Coffee in hand as I go to my desk and listen.  I KNOW that God has something to say...

This morning and the peace of it;

so far, so very still...
Good morning and the peace of God
according to His will!
"Good morning.  And the day will be good!"
so my declaration!
Good morning--time with God the Father--
what a celebration!

Usually now to describe
the valley and the hills...
how the sunrise hits the river,
and the wildlife thrills...
but not today, it is so foggy
every window proves!
The vapor n the air--it is
the only thing that moves!

But Father God, He moves with me
but all around this place!
And I partake so freely of
His goodness and His grace!
He is so very generous
in Presence and in peace;
and He assures me that the fog
eventually will release.

Saturday morning in the fog.  So much to do today, (not to mention my "honey-do" list,)but none of it takes precedence over His Presence and our morning meeting!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Our Due

So rife are the truths in God's Word!  There are times when I can be reading it and God will stop me and show me some verses.  Upon further contemplation, He shows me how they rhyme!
Take a look at Isaiah 62:11,12:

"Oh hear!  Indeed, the Lord proclaims
unto the ends of earth,
unto Zion' daughter, unto
you of stellar worth,
your salvation, it is coming,
so is your reward!
Encompassed so in only One:

His recompense before Him as
He calls His holy throng;
gathering unto Him those
in whom there is no wrong!
'Holy People' they'll be called,
Redeemed of the Lord.
A dignity so fitting, once again
shall be restored!"

Yea, salvation cometh in
the form of lowly man.
So common is the form of Him
with mankind's only Plan!
Bow your will unto Him, as
He bowed but everything;
then shall be placed, so deep within,
a song fore'er to sing!

Yes, desire and crave that Song alive!  It can only be placed in your heart by Jesus Himself. 
And look for those living songs in His Word alive as you spend time in it!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Front Deck

So quiet in the early
as God and I converse.
The highway across the valley buzzes
as I capture verse.
Somehow, on this morning though,
the vehicles are scant;
to come up with a reason,
this day, the writer can't.

But early in the quiet,
the writer shan't complain.
I will even free myself
from needs to explain!
But to enjoy the morning
God's hand is to create;
sometimes, so soft and subtle,
but always grand and great!

Early on the deck again.  Enjoying the solemn silence.  Pen in hand because God is not silent!  His words flow as I watch the moments pass. 
What a beautiful day!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Across the street

Looking across the street...down the door...  We are more alike than what some of us want to admit.

Across the street, somebody else
in need of what I need.
His requirement of God
does not, my own, exceed.
The issues that he has, they are
about the same as mine;
where do we differ, therefore,
when it comes to the Divine?
I know Whom I am worshiping
and where He draws the line.
He enables me to love them--
it's a love divine.
I am compelled to love them and
allow Him do the rest.
For many of the residents
it is the hardest test!
"It is so very difficult
'cause, first, he needs a friend."
It is not difficult at all--
Make pride come to an end!
Reach out!  Say "Hi!"
give them a friendly wave!
"Ye people, up and down the street,
give life and Christ will save!"

Across the street.  There's that one from another country...that one from another church...that one from another persuasion...that one _____________...but God loves every one of us!
At the same time, are they looking across at my house and saying "Hey, there's that guy that's always friendly and tells me 'Blessings on you!'?"   "How come he always seems friendly and happy?"

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

So Alive!

Activities happening like we cannot imagine...
Life itself above and beyond the best that we can fathom...
The best part of all?  It's waiting for us!  All of us who claim Jesus as our Savior!

So much more than sitting on
a cloud with harp in hand;
Paradise is going on
there in celestial land!
Have you ever really pondered
what it will be there?
I know it will be greater than
we have seen anywhere!
And more than we could ever fathom
with our human mind,
it will become more real to us
when we leave earth behind!
Another place has been prepared
that we can't understand!
Time will, too, be foreign and
He has it all in hand!
No more more
paperwork to be...
no more waiting for a refill...
no more doctors to see...
not even to enjoy the "time,"
for time shall be no more!
Only life to savor there
beyond that Golden Shore!

And in the Presence of the One

Who purchased Paradise,
and Him Who spoke it into being-
O so grateful, aye, this writer
that God called my name!
Won't You be born-again, my friend
so you can have the same?

All of this going on while you and I go about the day.  Without notice?  Hardly!  For my heart calls out for His return daily so that we can be in that Perfect Place.

Go with me, won't you?

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Coming Storm

Late in the day.
I've listened to folks talk about the storm all day long.  Now, almost evening, we are seeing evidences of it....

As the breezes rise in volume

late in afternoon,
we are aware of the storms
due here very soon!
I try to get a message out
to bless someone, somehow;
a message of His tender love,
(and that love even now!)

I know that He is right here as
the storm begins to rise...
I know that He is right here when
we cannot see the skies...
I know that He is right there in
the damage that may be...
I know that it is only by Him
we will clearly see!

In the early of the storm
that may or may not be,
His peace and His assurance is
available and free!
Whatever happens in the storm
He will not leave our side,
and in His great protection
each of us may sure abide!

Rest in Jesus.
Cling to Jesus!
Know that it is His voice that calms the storms of life, and He is only a breath away!

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Gazing out the window of
the room where I'm confined.
"Accept and make the best of it!"
to this have I resigned.
The rainclouds are a-gathering-
tonight will not be calm.
I savor, though, the beauty as
I work upon a psalm.

Even here in such a place,
so lonely and so still,
of peace and blue austerity
this servant has his fill:
so far away and looming proud,
majestically to stand,
several Rocky Mountain peaks
punctuate the land!

"Forbidden and forsaken" do
they call this wretched sand?
"Awesome and magnificent"
I call this selfsame land!
For when it is of God, there's always
good that can be seen,
even in a desertscape-
so quiet and serene!

As far as eye can see, no structures.  Except, of course, the mighty ones that God erected!  I obtain rest in this glorious place.  Rest like no other place may provide!  And when using the proper eyes, everywhere you look is something new!  Enjoy every moment of Creator God's creation.  There is nothing else like it!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Humble me!

If you think for one minute that anything you see or read here is due my own talents or abilities, you are mistaken, my friend.  God gets the glory.  For He has blessed me with those abilities!

"Let not the seeming eloquence
exuded in my voice,
cause me to be, in human sight
amongst my brethren, choice!
Should I seem high and haughty as
I go about my day,
remove the chords, my God, that nothing
else could e'er I say!

In You alone am I at all!
Without You, I am naught.
And You alone are any and all
the glory I have got!
Unto the Cross do I retreat,
beneath it I stand tall;
my liberty abundant thence,
though I be yet a thrall!

Only in the Cross, (and in
the One Who occupied,)
can I, unto qualities,
sufficiently be allied!
Thus do I submit to You
my life but every day
that others would be blessed of You
in what I write and say!"

God's glory and His abilities in me.  His abilities in me.  And His abilities are in you as you submit to Him and His ways.
Give your life to God.  You'll be amazed what He can do with it!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Be Related!!

God.  He wants to get personal with you.  In fact, He wants you to be a part of His family!
Think you could handle that?

O what blest relationship-
my Father God and I!
It s is certain...
it is sealed on high!
It is something I can trust,
rely upon and count;
the love we have--but who could even
fathom the amount?!

What beautiful relationship
have I with Father God!
When some realize how great His love
they find it very odd!
No strings stipulations...
He loves you as you are!
Just love Him back and He will take you
o so very far!

Relationships.  There is none greater
than with Father God.
He loves you.  He approves of you.
Your heart does He applaud!
Allow Him in to shape your heart
and guide you on The Way.
You will come to know His glories--
newer every day!

Jesus Christ.  The most important relationship ever.  Don't take it for granted.  Don't blow it off completely.  No matter how rough, tough or independent you may be, you need Jesus!
Call His Name and know the greatest relationship ever!

Thursday, March 2, 2017


These terms have become so important to some of us that we hit the keyboard before we even bow our heads anymore.
There is a better way...

In glorious creation

no man to replicate,
I visit with Almighty God,
no limits--time or date!
I listen to His wisdom,
He listens to my word;
and in the early, early
conversation be occurred.

What HE thinks really matters;
yet man would flatter you.
It's not how many "likes" you have,
for God approves of you!
Not even the responses
from what is done each day
are more important than what God,
about us, has to say!

You are approved in His eyes.
(And you'll know if you're not!)
It is not a contest-
for everyone has got!
O seek to please HIM every day
instead of pleasing man.
You'll be given satisfaction
that only Jesus can!

In our daily quest to improve our portfolios, social media and others, let us not lose sight of Whose favor matters most!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


But God, I don't agree with what they think!
But God, I don't agree with his church!
But God, I don't agree with what she's doing!
But God, I didn't know those kind of people were here!
"Love them anyway!"

How many are the tempers lost
in simple conversation...
How much pain remains because
of something in relation...
How much growing is yet stunted
by what is not let go...
How simple are the answers all?
To Jesus must we go!
For in His mercy do we find
what is not in ourselves.
His conviction, to our deepest
depths, so freely delves.
He addresses even those things
we would rather not,
and teaches us to rid ourselves
of every hindering blot!

All in Jesus.  Everything
we need to get along.
There CAN BE give-and-take to keep us
singing the same song!
For He will stabilize us if
we only put Him first
and step beyond "legalities"
that ever we've rehearsed!

Let us be firm in our faith.  But let us make sure that said faith is in God!  And may we not be so stoic that God Himself can't get us to budge!