Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ways we talk

Have you ever been in a relationship that is so wonderful that words, sometimes, are unnecessary?  There are times that I am with God and it is that way...

Being with the One with sound

not any noise to make.
Communication deepens so
with every step we take!
Words and verses happen as
we slowly walk along;
and by the time that we get back,
somehow, we have a song!

I listen to His eyes-
life I recognize,
care I realize,
Love that satisfies!

His Presence is so very real
this evening as we walk.
Our conversation is much more
than word or even talk!
We say so much unto each other-
often without sound.
He makes it true, by looks and feel,
rapport is solid ground.

Of course, a lot of our communication is listening and talking.  But there are ways that are deeper and He desires them for all of us.

Don't ever limit God to your assumptions.  He is so much, much more!  (And don't ever stop talking to Him!)

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