Sunday, February 12, 2017


Sometimes, each of us can fall into a rut.  Things so alive and enjoyable can become mere 'ritual'...if you let them.  Even in the church...

Come to life!  O come to life

ye who have known the same!
Come to life!  O come to life
all ye who call His Name!
O be alive instead of putting
on a front, façade!
O come alive with that which you
get straight from Father God!!

Come to life and know the Life

that He intends for you!
He is holy!  He is mighty!
He is ever true!
He knows each purpose, each intent
of every single heart!
He has reality for you,
but YOU must make it start!

Come alive!  O come to life

all ye that call His Name!
He's greater than your 'anything,'
in Him there is no shame!
You are alive in Jesus Christ!!
He gives you all you need!
O come to Life and know the depths
He makes you to succeed!

There is life in Jesus Christ.  JESUS CHRIST IS LIFE!  Do not take Him for granted.  Do what Life is leading you to do!


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