Saturday, February 4, 2017


Sometimes, for some situations, distance is a massive disadvantage.  There are, however, ways to make that distance disappear.  My niece found one today, and used it in a glorious way!
"Jim, we are going today to spread the ashes of granny, papa, mom and Evan.  I'm going to call you when we get there and we want you to pray with us."

Gone for many years and now,
today, they are set free!
No longer by a vessel held,
save hearts eternally!
Ashes to to dust
we scatter them to go
back to those favorite places that
they helped us come to know!

Mom and dad, my sister, nephew
held inside so dear,
are at the harbor...on the pier...
and places we revere
where we made many memories
that yet bring on a smile...
I wipe away the tears as I
would ponder them awhile.

Loved ones, living even yet
inside the loving heart.
Though on this day we set them free
they NEVER will depart!
So wealthy we to be a part
of such liberation;
and blessed--for we'll ALL meet again
in Heaven's celebration!!

Thank you, Leslie, for including us in this day!  Thanks to the telephone and through your voice, we were able to travel half-way across the country and be with you for this beautiful, glorious and hallowed time!  God bless you richly!
We love you,
Uncle Jimmy

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