Saturday, February 25, 2017


Finally, the weekend. 
Just sit around and recover from the week?
Get as much as you can done that cannot be done during the week?
Not this time...

Saturday is happening,

and at the speed of God.
As that unfolds which He ordained,
we praise Him and applaud.
Some which He has overseen
is pleasant not at all;
but most of it is victory
and He gets us involved!

Saturday--another day

of watching Him provide.
Another day to get involved
and work right by His side!
One more opportunity
to be what God may need-
to see a life in dire straits
and boldly intercede!

Saturday--so glorious

so early in the morn;
praying to the Lord in wonder
"this day what shall be born?"
Ready and available
for that which He has planned.
Saturday, in prayer and
awaiting His command!

Saturday morning.  Being awed by the glory of daybreak.  Being thrilled by the colors that seem to change with ever moment toward sunrise.  And being blessed with the Presence of Almighty God!  HE IS WORTHY!


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