Friday, February 17, 2017

Praise and Worship

Worshiping the Lord with adoration
because of Who He is--not what He does.
Feting is a constant celebration--
Who He'll be...Who He is...Who He was!
In prayer to Him I submit petitions,
knowing He is privy to the heart;
in worship, though, He gets all adoration-
celebration of HIM to impart!

I cannot worship Him with an agenda;
For He is God, and He can see right through!
I must adore Him with a purest motive-
such worship, it is very overdue!
Too often have I prayed out of convenience,
going to Him with a shopping list;
I must return to worshiping for ONE thing:

Praising Him is different than worship-
celebration vs. solemnness.
In praising Him we bless ourselves and each other,
in worship it is God alone we bless!
So, in the early, with creation silenced,
with my Father God do I commune.
All constraints are absent for the moment.
As I adore Him, from life I'm immune!

Splitting hairs?  I hope not.  I only have a few left. 
God is holy and He deserves our praise AND worship.  Each of them have purpose and benefits.  Get to know praise and worship intimately and have a greater relationship and appreciation of our Heavenly Father!

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