Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ozark Dusk

The middle of February and it is 65 degrees this evening?!  Sitting out on the porch, enjoying the glory of it all...

E’er incessant, oh the things

I do not understand.
An hour after dusk but, oh,
the spectrum o’er the land!
Yellow-white in front of me…
darker on the rise…
to purple there at 1:00
above me in the skies!

My Father, He could do all this
at only His command;
yet, very slowly ‘fore my eyes,
He does it with His hand!
Another masterpiece for me
to frame within the mind
to conjure in the nights ahead
when, such, I cannot find.

A perfect evening with incredible colors.  Not every night be such.  I shall, for certain, remember this, especially in the nights to come...the ones that bring several inches of snow!


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