Friday, February 10, 2017

O River of Forgiveness

The River of forgiveness--say,
how long to be the flow?
Not another place to be
such mercy for to know!
The Source of crimson emanating
from a wooden Cross...
the Life of which do some consider
yet to be a loss!
Oh, but a loss so temporary!
Long to be our gain!
As, for ALL sin, the One Who died there
bore the awful stain!
None be there to so compare
with Giver and with Gift--
each facet so to edify,
each facet so to lift!

"O River of forgiveness.  I
to know Your current e'er!
I--to be partaker solemn,
I--the same to share!
The key to Your reception be
Your application hence.
So let me be without excuse,
Your mercies, to dispense!"

The River of forgiveness--Jesus Christ!  The crimson flow of His Blood to cover all our sins.  And more, He even FORGETS them once we repent!
Have you been to the River?

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