Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Morning in The Word

A beautiful winter morning.
Gathered with several beautiful people in His house, learning more about His Word.  Where are we all from?  That matters little.  What does matter is where we are going: CLOSER to Jesus!

More about Jesus, His will and His ways;
this we require here in the last days!
Draw we so freely from His Living Word-
He brings it to life with His Presence occurred!

More about Jesus--The Word so alive!
Stronger in Him to help us to arrive!
Closer to Him in those moments so dire-
Jesus to hold us throughout the entire!

More about Jesus...because He is God!
And seldom He comes with that chastening rod.
He does so in love, though, whenever I need;
but however often, His grace does exceed!!

More about Jesus.  We read and we pray
and we walk beside Him for all of the day!
We know His sweet smile, we know His sweet voice-
we learn of such daily.  Therefore, we rejoice!

"Thank you, Glen and Midge, for welcoming us today to your study.  We truly did feel welcome!"
It is my prayer that everyone reading this has a place to go where you can learn more about God and His Word. 
A place that doesn't judge you.
A place that does not condemn you.
A place that accepts you so you can learn more about Jesus.
Find that place!  It is truly worth your time!

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