Saturday, February 11, 2017


The weathermen have said that this would be an odd and extraordinary week.  They were right!  It's 9pm.  I am in the office, at the desk, and I can almost do all of my work by moonlight coming in through the window!  It's beautiful!

Illuminated--to degree
that I have never seen!
9:00 at night, and yet
so vivid be each scene!
In the silence of the wonder,
with Him I converse,
thanking Him profusely for
His awesome universe!

Once again, Creator God's
creations fill with awe!
Once again to come a sight
that never this man saw!
Once again, a memory to
enjoy and file away
until that time I pass it on--
His glory to convey!

Watch the news!  Don't let these days go by without beholding the moving and the workings of His hands!


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